Thankful with Meghan Houser

Meghan Houser was one of our first Independent Consultants. She’s been with Mainely Cole’s for 2+ years now, even though we met about 4 years ago. Meghan helped Mainely Cole’s establish the Independent Consultant Opportunities. Her time, her dedication, her commitment and her overall loyalty are all things for which we at Mainely Cole’s are thankful.

Meghan Houser

Meghan is Thankful for:

My Family

My School and Church Family



My customers and support system at Mainely Cole’s

 Meghan’s Events

Hello Beautiful





Well Hello Beautiful Glorious Skin with Elissa and Mainely Cole’s

November 14 at 8:00 PM EST

Help Elissa earn FREE and discounted product. Join us for a night full of friends, trivia, and prizes. When she receives $200 in sales, she will get 20% in free product and you will benefit as well! I will add a give-a-way for 1 lucky guest, We all like gift cards right? When we hit the $350 mark, I will add another give-a-way. When she hits the $500 mark, she will get 2 1/2 price items and a $50 Amazon gift card and 1 more give-a-ways for you will be added. Order now so we can see what the give-a-ways will be and to ensure you have a chance to win!!!  Check out the product at and than PM me your order; please send your email, shipping address, and Elissa name in your PM. This way I can make sure all orders will count to help Elissa reach her goal. There is one rule for this party; you must make a purchase in order to win any prize offered that night. ***All sales are final. Facebook is in no way related or liable for this party and give-a-ways.***

For what, for who, are you THANKFUL today, this year, and every single day?




Thankful with Catherine Moore

Continuing our Month of Thankfulness, I wanted to introduce to your one of our Independent Consultants at Mainely Cole’s, Catherine Moore. But she’s not just ANY Independent Consultant, she is a close dear friend and the Director of Operations here at Mainely Cole’s. I don’t know what we’d do without her and we’re so grateful that we don’t have to find out!

Catherine Moore

Catherine is Thankful For:

I am so thankful to be a child of the King. I can’t even walk without him holding my hand.

I am thankful that I get to see the sunrises and sunsets and all the magic, wonder and adventure of a brand new day.

I am thankful for my family and friends who fill my days with joy.

I am thankful for my freedom and all those who have paid the price and sacrificed for it.

I am very thankful for non-toxic skincare that is truly amazing.

Catherine’s Events:


Stuff Your Stocking

Fab Deals In Shopping, We’re Stuffing Your Stocking

Nov. 18, 2014 at 8 pm EST

“We will be giving you never before seen deals in Christmas shopping especially in stuffing your stocking.. Get an early start and stuff those stockings first. This will be a fast party! We are going to have a blast. There will be no website to order from and you can’t order until we post the incredible deals and then, you should act fast because these deals won’t last. We will invoice you at the end for you to pay. No hassles just great deals and a head start on the holiday season with all natural and organic skincare, that you can be proud to gift to your family and friends.”

As I’m reading and sharing all of the things that Catherine is Thankful for, I am reminded that in each day, there is beauty, there is light, there is life for which to give thanks. What a lovely way to approach life Catherine and that is part of what makes you so absolutely special and beautiful. Thank you for being my friend. Take a moment to really take in all of the King’s beautiful creation that is this life.

For what will you be giving thanks for today?

Thankful at Mainely Cole’s

This month is the month of Thanksgiving, thankfulness, and yes, appreciation. We wanted to not only share our love of the Mainely Cole’s products, but highlight all the people who come together help Mainely Cole’s shine and grow, our Independent Consultants, and our friends. During the Month of November you will see our “family” being featured, sharing their events/happenings and what makes them thankful. We hope you’ll enjoy these features and feel free to share a little bit of what you and your family are thankful for this year.


Hi Im Heidi


Meet Heidi, she’s the driving force behind Mainely Cole’s. She’s the founder, the creator and the woman who makes all of the magic happen in the production room. An amazing woman with one THE most thoughtful, generous and kind spirits I have ever met, come to know and adore!

Heidi is Thankful for:

The Fight Cancer Through Friendship Group: “Our group and the people I have met with Amazing Strength and Faith when facing the battle of their Lives, they show so much Love and compassion for others.”

Incredible Friends: Catherine, Taylor, Kim and my Mr. Cole.  All who Love me and Support me for who I am. #Blessings in my life

Mainely Cole’s Page:  While, yes, I am thankful for Mainely Cole’s, I am as much thankful for the Mainely Cole’s Facebook Page, it is not just a business page, but a place where lasting friendships are being made. We can all come together to talk and share not just healthy skin, but every day happenings and events in their lives.

Heidi’s Events:

Fighting Cancer Through Friendship Holiday Bazaar







Fighting Cancer Through Friendship Holiday Bazaar

November 13, 2014 at 09:00 Eastern

“Holiday Shop for a Cause”
25% of All Sales Goes Directly to Our Friend Marie Walker Riddle
Amazing Craft People have come Together Offering some of their Best Work
Sterling Silver & Gemstone jewelry
Christmas Wreaths
Skin Care
Handmade Mittens and So Much More!

(Not affiliated with Facebook in any way.)

What are you giving thanks for this year?

Thankful with Kimberly

Kimberly Juror

Kimberly is our Newest Independent Consultant for Mainely Cole’s but Wow! She has jumped right in. Mainely Cole’s absolutely adores her and is beyond thrilled to have her in our family. Three words to describe Kimberly, Creative!! Attentive and Professional. Look for yourself at her upcoming Party. (Read the about the Event) Then you will understand why she is adored.

Kimberly is Thankful for:

My amazing and beautiful children.
My supportive and loving husband.
My customers and fans that have helped me get to where I am- and who will help me get to where I want to be with this small business- and of course Mainely Cole’s for giving me the opportunity!
The beautiful and mysterious world that we live in.

Kimberly’s Events:

Reindeer Hunt for a Mystery Ho Ho Hostes











Reindeer Hunt for a Mystery Ho Ho Hostess

December 8th at 7:00 pm CST

This party is going to be such a different party this holiday season than you have ever seen before! You will get to go on a little hunt for Santa’s Reindeer! He needs a little help recovering them this year!

For what are you thankful for this year?




Where are they now?

Last year, Mainely Cole’s challenged a few of its fans to a 3 month Take It Off Challenge. Each woman was challenged to completely ditch their makeup and skin care products and use Mainely Cole’s products exclusively! Each month they’d be sent a package of Mainely Cole’s products addressing their personal and specific needs, provide updates and photos of their progress for all to see. You’d think that Mainely Cole’s would be nervous because there were so many factors that could negatively interact and impact a users progress, but  Mainely Cole’s stood confidently behind the products quality. One thing I’ve learned through this challenge is that some people like it, some people love it, some people stick around, and some people don’t and that’s fine.

So, Where are they now?

If you’ve been following us on our blog, then you’d probably already hear a little bit about Dawn. However, we asked if she’d participate in this reunion.

Dawn Before

What products did you first sample with Mainely Cole’s? What did you love about the products? How has Mainely Cole’s products benefited you?

I honestly don’t remember which product was first. I know the Island Dreams body scrub was one of the early ones. I loved how it removed dead skin and made my skin feel fresh and vibrant. The products that have become my absolute favorite are Gracie’s Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner. I used to suffer from an itchy, dry scalp. With just two uses, this product cured my itchy, dry scalp. After the 3 month challenge, I did go try a different shampoo, but came right back to Gracie’s combo. There’s just nothing as refreshing and soothing as Gracie’s.

Another product that absolutely amazed me was the Cucumber facial trio. I could not believe the difference after using these 3 products. The cucumber gel masque is so refreshing and cool. My skin feels crisp and clean and so soft after each use. The toner gives balance to my skin and smells so good. The light and refreshing facial cream is so soft and light – just perfect. The combination of these 3 products even faded my age spots! I love my cucumber trio.

Did you complete the 3 month Challenge?

One of the reasons I wanted to do the 3 month challenge was because I was recently diagnosed with skin cancer and became aware of all the toxins in the products I was using every day. I liked the fact that these products were made in the USA, all natural, and eco-chic as well. Using Mainely Cole’s all natural skincare products was the catalyst to living a more toxic-free life for myself and my family. We now use many toxic-free products throughout our household.

Do you still use Mainely Cole’s Products?

I was so amazed with the beginning results of the challenge, that I became an Independent Consultant before the challenge even ended. I love these products and want to share them with everyone. Heidi Martin, the owner of this company, is an incredibly generous, amazingly caring individual who is a joy to work with. She has been right there to support and encourage me along the way. I have now been an Independent Consultant for over a year and I can say that I truly love my job! The ladies I work with are all unique and very special. We help one another and encourage each other. We are a team!

What one product would you recommend to a person who has never experienced Mainely Cole’s and Why?

I was so amazed with the beginning results of the challenge, that I became an Independent Consultant before the challenge even ended. I love these products and want to share them with everyone. Heidi Martin, the owner of this company, is an incredibly generous, amazingly caring individual who is a joy to work with. She has been right there to support and encourage me along the way. I have now been an Independent Consultant for over a year and I can say that I truly love my job! The ladies I work with are all unique and very special. We help one another and encourage each other. We are a team!

Where are they now Dawn

Since the challenge, Dawn has also been inspired to lose weight and has lost 26 pounds in the last 6 months and keeps on making progress!


Then there’s Rose, we haven’t talked much about Rose on the blog, but if you follow us on Facebook, you might have noticed her around quite often!

Before Challenge Photograph

What products did you first sample with Mainely Cole’s?

When the challenge began I expressed my skin care concerns with Heidi, she decided to address my main concern first. My skin at best is “special”, its fair, its sensitive, and its dry. I was sent the Cucumber Facial Trio. The Cucumber Facial Trio consists of a masque, toner, and moisturizer, you can read more about the toner here on Mainely Cole’s or about my experience with the trio here at Immutable Ramblings, my personal blog.

What did you love about the products?

What’s NOT to love about the products? Seriously though, what sparked my interest in Mainely Cole’s is the very thing that Heidi promotes, “Natural Skin Care”, the fact that natural ingredients combined together could benefit my skin. I’d tried everything under the sun to ease my skin, clear my skin, soothe my skin, calm my skin, tame my skin, but nothing worked 100% without having an adverse reaction or side effect of use. Being able to read the label and recognize the ingredients listed was such a relief and comfort.

Did you complete the 3 month Challenge?

DID I? Of course I did and for the most part, I’m still participating. I quickly fell in love with the products, how they made my skin feel, how they smelled, and how fabulous it was to work closely with Heidi when caring for my skin.

How has Mainely Cole’s products benefited you? Do you still use Mainely Cole’s Products?

The more I use Mainely Cole’s products, the happier my skin is, sure I still run into some issues, but remember I told you, my skin is “special” and because I am human, I most certainly provide many negative contributing factors. But what I can and will tell you is that it is BECAUSE of Mainely Cole’s, my skin has been restored, renewed, revived. My skin glows, its soft, its beautiful. I know I am GUSHING A LOT, but the truth is, when you find a product that not only has remarkable benefits for your skin, your family loves it and it restores you self-confidence, why NOT gush? Of course I’m still using the products, the handmade soaps, specifically, Lavender and Oatmeal, has completely changed my skin care routine. Check out this post here on the Mainely Cole’s Blog, What’s In Your Soap?, it’ll change the way you look at your soap.

What one product would you recommend to a person who has never experienced Mainely Cole’s and Why?

There are not too many products that I’ve been loyal to throughout the year, but Mainely Cole’s has a plethora of AMAZING products, it really is HARD to choose just ONE, but if you make me, I’d say the ONE product I cannot live without its my Cucumber Facial Moisturizer. Its light, its efficient, it softens the skin and even calms the redness and irritation. I love it!

Where are they now Rose

Have you tried Mainely Cole’s products? Which one is your favorite? Why? Share in the comment section below.

Connect with Mainely Cole’s online for products, parties and a whole lot of FUN:







We’re A Small Family

5 Things You Should Know About Mainely Coles

There’s a 5 things you might not already know about Mainely Cole’s, “we’re like a small family”, we’re here for one another, we support one another, and strive to help one another reach and surpass our goals. Mainely Cole’s has 2 Independent Consultants, but don’t be confused or swayed by their titles, we communicate frequently and even though we don’t all live in Maine, we party together ALL THE TIME!

You see, it is because we’re family, it works, we’re happy, and I get to work with two of the most AMAZING women, that I’ve grown to love, adore, appreciate and respect, Dawn, who lives in Connecticut and Catherine who lives in Florida.

Dawn is so full of life and the Lord, she’s a stay at home-homeschooling mother, who became a Mainely Cole’s Independent Consultant when she volunteered to take the 3 Month Take It Off Challenge, once she tried the products, she was immediately taken, and our partnership and friendship was born.

Catherine is such a great woman, we met on twitter, I remember telling someone to “have a bright and beautiful day”, at which point she said she knew she wanted to be friends with me. From then on, she ordered a few products and well she’s probably got more stock in Mainely Cole’s than Mainely Cole’s does, but that just goes to show you just how much she believes in the products and the brand.

Remember I told you we party together all the time? That’s right, we do. We co-host online events on Facebook rather frequently. It’s not just to boost our customer base and make sales, but because we truly enjoy rewarding our customers. Our events feature fun trivia, prizes and giveaways just for placing an order during the event schedule.

Fighting Cancer Through FriendshipBut our events are not always about Mainely Cole’s, we’ve created a Facebook group called “Fight Cancer Through Friendship“, a group committed to support and uplift our friends with cancer, one battle at a time. We help our friends with cancer by sharing sales and promotions through Mainely Cole’s and other businesses within the group, who are committed to sharing a portion of the proceeds with our “friend” undergoing treatment. We do this so they can focus on fight and getting well and not so much on the financial burden. But it doesn’t necessarily end there, we strive to help provide and support in any way we can, but the bottom line is that we’ve gained lifetime friends.

Did you know that we’re not just online? Mainely Cole’s products can be found in local boutiques and shops around Maine too! Our products are available at Lisa Marie’s Made in Maine in Portland on the Water Front and in their Historic Bath location, the Firefly Boutique on Main St in Bridgton and at A New Leaf Salon and Day Spa in Hollis.


We’ve also got something new coming to Mainely Cole’s in the fall, any guesses as to what it could be? Leave your guesses in the comment section below for your chance to win these! Giveaway ends July 25, 2014, no purchase necessary.Sterling Silver Fish Hook Earrings

You see, we really are a something like a small family… With many wonderful friends.

What would you like to learn about Mainely Cole’s? Did you learn something new today? Leave us your questions in the comment section below, we love your feedback.