Ring14USA Outreach

Have you heard of Ring14USA Outreach?  This is a charity that is near and dear to the Mainely Coles Skin Care brand as we actively work to support research efforts to find a cure for this rare genetic disease.  To better understand this charity’s mission, first we would like to introduce you to some very important facts about what this is.

What does Ring14USA Outreach support?  

Ring14USA Outreach supports a growing global team who seeks a cure for Ring14.

What is Ring14?  

According to www.rarechromo.org:  

Ring 14

Ring 14 syndrome is a rare genetic disease.  Typically, children with ring 14 have a delay in development, some level
of learning difficulty, seizures and may have a high rate of respiratory infections.

Ring 14 is caused by a rearrangement of one of the chromosomes in the cells of the body. Chromosomes are the
microscopically small structures within the nucleus of the cells that carry information in the form of genes that enables
healthy, normal development. Chromosomes come in pairs of different sizes and apart from the sex chromosomes (two Xs for a girl and an X and a Y for a boy), they are numbered from largest to smallest approximately according to size from number 1 to number 22.  Chromosomes have a top (short) arm called p and a bottom (long) arm called q. In people with ring 14, both ends of one chromosome 14 have broken off and joined to form a circle, usually leaving out some chromosome material and genes. The p arm of chromosome 14 is very small and can usually be lost without apparent harm because similar genes are available on other chromosomes, so many of the effects of ring 14 are believed to be caused by losing genes from the q arm. The long arm typically breaks at bands 14q32.2 or 32.3, although breaks at 14q31 and 14q24 are also known.

Whatever the amount of chromosome material lost, the main features seem to be usually the same (Schmidt 1981; Fryns 1982;

There is a way you can help to find a cure for this disease.  

Join Mainley Coles Skin Care in supporting Ring14USA Outreach.  SAVE THE DATE:  30% of all purchases made on April 19, 2012 will go to support Ring14USA Outreach.  For more details, please reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter!  We will be rolling out more details this week on how we are committed to help this effort.  Stay tuned!

Warmest wishes from Maine!

Mainely Coles Skin Care 

Photo and media credits:  http://www.ring14usa.bbnow.org,  


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