Mainely Coles Beanie’s Blessing Featured In WE Magazine For Women

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to WE Magazine For Women as they recently covered one of our most popular products, Beanie’s Blessing Body Butter.  After putting it to the test, this is what they had to say…

In early February Heidi Martin of Mainly Cole’s contacted me about her line of All Natural & Organic Skin Care.  She was interested in a “product review” for our readers. Of course, visiting Mainly Coles and reading about the quality of the product made me interested in experiencing it first hand. So I said WE would be delighted to test it. She sent me Beanie’s Blessings in Blackberry/Amber along with several other yummy samples.  Although I have not had time to try them all… (saving some for others), I can say it really makes you feel good all over. The scent, the way it goes on so smoothly and the packaging make this not only a perfect gift for others, it is one I would buy for myself. And the fragrance lasts for hours!  READ MORE BY VISITING WE MAGAZINE FOR WOMEN CLICK HERE! 

(Text above from WE Magazine For Women verbatim)

Thanks again to this super publication for taking time to review our product and sharing so generously with their reader audience!  For more information about this magazine, we encourage you to visit

You will not be disappointed

Warmest wishes from Maine!



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