Condition and Plump Lips With Pungent Nourishment

Our lips seem to be the first to catch the glisten of sun on a cool spring morning or the full course of a harsh wind on a blustery day.  In order to keep lips hydrated and well conditioned, they need to be two things…well exfoliated and moist.    This combination of rituals will keep lips in comfort and protect them from brutal elements that contribute to the signs of aging.

Nourishing Lip Cream boasts oils rich in antioxidants to hydrate skin and smooth out wrinkles while redefining the soft tissue around your lips.  Carry this 1 oz pot with you everywhere for instant hydration good enough to pucker up and kiss!  Apply by finger tip or by professional cosmetic brush as needed.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of others who need our help.  April 19, 2012, Mainely Cole’s Skin Care will donate 30% of all sales on this day to Ring14USA Outreach   Reach out to us through Twitter or Facebook to find out more details!

Warmest wishes from Maine.



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