How To Relax With A Simple Lavender Gift Basket…



Etymology: L, relaxare, to ease
1 a reducing of tension, as when a muscle relaxes between contractions.
2 (in magnetic resonance imaging) the return of excited nuclei to their normal unexcited state by the release of energy.

In theory, relaxing can be the calming to the mind.  Physically getting there can be an entirely different story.  Our 5-Piece Naturally Relax Gift Basket can help to achieve this with each of its unique elements.

Each Basket is custom made per order and will be shrink wrapped with bow containing:

(1) Large Sister’s Lavender & Vanilla Bean Body Butter
(1) Large Lavender Scrub
(1) Lavender All natural Sachet
(1) Lavender Soap Bar
(1) Lavender/Oatmeal Goats Milk Soap Bar

Keeping in mind the needs of others, we will donate 30% of all purchases made on April 19, 2012 to Ring14USA Outreach.  Are you familiar with the cause?  The video below will share details surrounding the Ring14 disease:

We take pride in the fact that our products are hand made from natural ingredients, some are made with organic ingredients and they are all cruelty free.  Gifts that come from the heart are valuable.  Gifts that keep giving are priceless!  Make Mother’s Day a more beautiful day for everyone by gifting from Mainely Cole’s!  

Warmest wishes from Maine.



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