Two Serum Solutions for Daily Conditioning and Massage

Even though these two are  listed as massage oils, the ingredients in Realize and Six are so good for your skin they can be used as a serum (skin treatment) for problem areas including  elbows, knees, heels and the belly. Remove stress from the day and the tension while adding unbelievable softness.  This  special blend of natural ingredients are perfect for various massage & skin  treatments.  Relaxing your body while nourishing your skin.  The benefits are plentiful…

Rice Bran Oil This Oil is the very same oil the women of Japan have used for hundreds of years in the U.S. they are called (Bran Beauties) due to their beautiful smooth and silky skin tone.  The people of the United States are just realizing the amazing and benefits of this oil.

Apricot Kernel Oil Vital amounts of Vitamin A & C moisturizing premature aging skin soothes inflammation and great for sensitive skin

Sweet Almond Oil Contains valuable Vitamin E and minerals, makes an excellent skin nourishment while softening.

Jojoba – Golden Oil Contains Vitamins A, E and F also Known for it’s anti-bacterial properties.  Jojoba helps support skin regeneration while moisturizing & leaving skin refreshed.

Shea Oil Has many vitamins and minerals providing  softness & nourishment to skin.

Sunflower Oil Has Beta Carotene and Vitamin E, A, wealth of essential fatty acids and lecithin providing aging and damaged skin the moisture it needs to regain health.

A touch of Essential Fragrance 
(The unforgettable spa scent)

Join us in making a difference in the lives of others who need our help.  April 19, 2012, Mainely Cole’s Skin Care will donate 30% of all sales on this day to Ring14USA Outreach   Reach out to us through Twitter or Facebook to find out more details!

Warmest wishes from Maine.



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