The Beauty of Indirect Scent For a Solid Night’s Rest

When a successful night’s sleep is within reach but not achieved, agitation sets in.  You’ve gone through an entire checklist of rituals that have worked for you in the past, but for some reason they are not working.  What’s missing?

Have you ever sampled natural scent through a sachet or botanical mist?  Sometimes the secret to a solid night’s rest is as simple as having a natural indirect fragrance close by.  For the novice aromatherapy lover, this can be as simple as placing a sachet on the night stand, under the pillow or on the bed post.  Understanding that a sachet offers so much more than gracing dresser drawers and WC scented decorum, we have created two beautifully scented sachets for everyday aromatherapy use.  One is available in soothing pungent lavender while the other is our own special blend called Mystical Mix (a sweet blend).  Take with you while traveling for sounder sleep at high altitudes and in new surroundings.

Another one of our best kept secrets for fusing aromatherapy into your life while on a short journey to achieve a good night’s sleep rests inside three spray bottles.  Our Botanical Body Mists offer three perfectly balanced interpretations of harmonious natural bounty, translating to Honeysuckle, Coconut Lime & Verbena and Blackberry & Amber.  While at first, one may not associate these scents as being catalysts to get you closer to a pleasant dream state, the rewards can be beneficial.  Best uses for bed time bliss include misting bed linens at home, gently misting your seat on the airplane while traveling and of course the bed linens of your home away from home…the hotel room.

All five of these products may be added into your personal collection of life enhancing elements by visiting us at  

Proud Sponsor:  We are a proud sponsor of the RING13USA Outreach charity.  

Warmest wishes from Maine!~



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