The Cellulite Solution-How To Win Your Battle Of The Bulge!

When warm rays of light peek through the clouds daily, we know that spring and summer are just around the corner!  This of course leads to other great discoveries such as warm weather fashion, lighter meals and revealing more of our skin in an effort to make the season more enjoyable.  One of the most dreaded discoveries is the uneven tone of skin know as cellulite.  No one likes it and when it starts to build, it seems as though it never stops.

Understanding that this is probably personal appearance enemy #1, we created two solutions that work cohesively as a system to aid in the dissolution of the appearance of cellulite.  The first part of our system is incredibly sweet and works to increase blood circulation to the surface of the skin while keeping skin youthful in appearance.  Splendor of Grapefruit body scrub offers these and other wonderful qualities.  For best results, scoop a small amount in one hand and apply to skin in a circular motion.  Allow to set on skin, then rub over the applied area in a circular motion with slightly more pressure.  Rinse with warm water and lightly towel dry.  Make this deep therapy practice a three time-a-week ritual.

The second phase is to apply this incredibly light but effective lotion onto the areas of the body where Splendor of Grapefruit has graced.  Grandma’s Grapefruit Lotion is a miracle potion waiting to happen on areas that need a little TLC.  After the invigorating joy of smoothing, now the skin is ready to take in all the plentiful nourishment of this topical therapy.  Apply to the skin in a circular and deep massaging motion.  Apply the silky lotion to skin once after exfoliation, twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) or immediately after an intense physical workout.  Target areas of the body that are prone to the accumulation of cellulite.  Regular use should produce favorable results!  Stay on top of your battle with the bulge using these two natural wonders!

For additional information, please leave your questions in the comment galley of this blog post.  We will be glad to answer them as quickly as possible!  Until then, happy cellulite elimination!

Warmest Wishes From Maine~




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