Hands and Neck-Keeping The Immediate Signs of Aging At Bay

Have you ever come across anyone who had a gorgeous face at any age but needed a bit of TLC on their neck and hands? It happens more times than not.  There is so much focus on the care needs of the face that other visible skin partners literally get left in the dark.  Be on top of your total skin care with these simple tips:

Exfoliate regularly.  Salt and sugar scrubs provide natural exfoliation.  Breaking this down to a much simpler message…when you exfoliate, it aids in cellular turn over.  This in turn helps keep your skin looking fresher and younger.    Our specially formulated salt and sugar scrubs provide endless options for meeting this very need!  In addition to taking away what you don’t need (dry skin, clogged pores) our scrubs give back some of what you do need…essential moisture.

Moisturize regularly.  Just because you scrubbed with emollient scrubs does not mean you’re fancy-free and out of the path of aging danger.  In order to keep skin in tip-top shape, nutritious moisture is needed.  This said, reach for something that not only nourishes but also protects!  Our Revitalizing Facial Cream works when you are at your busiest or even at rest.  Apply to all the visible places such as face, neck, decollete and of course the backs of hands and bend the hands of your aging clock.

Layer your moisture.  Serums are great topical treatments that somehow manage to work deeply into the skin.  This should be your first line of topical defense when creating an anti-aging regime.  Press serums into your skin, never rub.  Rubbing serums cause stretching of the skin.  This single anti-act applied with pressure can create further damage over time.  Once the serum is visibly into your skin, gently press a lotion or cream atop the skin for a major moisture surge.  Layering your moisture with our essential formulas will not only treat for moisture, it will also prepare your skin for superior protection from free radicals and other unpleasant things that may end up on your skin.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge and anti-aging know how…and of course many natural resources, move forward with confidence and know you can combat aging by simple regimes.  If you have any questions as to how to specifically use the different elements to create your customized regime, reach out to us through the blog comments.  We will be glad to help you in any way possible!

Warmest wishes from Maine~


Photo credits:  Mainely Cole’s, telegraph.co.uk


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