Official Mainely Cole’s Pod Cast Launches

For anyone who has been following us closely on Twitter and Facebook and may already be aware, we have launched an official pod cast.  This pod cast/radio show is a verbal introduction and in depth insight as to how Mainely Cole’s can work to enhance your life!  Our founder, Heidi Martin shares her story as to how the line was founded and how easily each product can be fused into any lifestyle seeking eco-chic enhancement!

This week two shows have been recorded and we look forward to sharing more of this educational and lifestyle enhancement through voice with our social media family!  In addition to these bits of information, we will also connect with personalities and organizations who make the world a better place to be.  All pod casts will be promoted on Twitter and on Facebook as well as Google+.  Of course we welcome your feedback and are always here to answer your questions.

We are also grateful for all the interest, support and positive feedback we have experienced thus far!  Thank you for your support!  To listen to the official Mainely Cole’s pod cast, click here!  

Have a beautiful day!

Warmest from Maine~



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