Pre and Post Sun Care Bliss With Mainely Cole’s

Contrary to popular belief, natural ingredients can play a major role in conditioning skin before time in the sun and of course afterward.  Creating a smooth surface for skin to receive the sun evenly and in good health can be made to be a joyous occasion when celebrated regularly.  Yes, celebrated…caring for your skin should be a celebration as it is caring for the largest organ of the body!  Here are some of our favorite ways to prepare skin for pre-sun bliss and of course after sun care.

Pre-Sun Bliss.  Very few think about preparing for being in the sun unless it involves applying sunless tanning lotions, shaving or applying sunscreen at the last minute as means to protect the skin from strong UV rays.  Preparing for pre-sun bliss can be one of the most wonderful care rituals experienced.  Making skin pretty involves simple movements that are easily incorporated into any schedule!

  • Dampen the targeted area.
  • Start with the feet and legs, then work your way up.  Apply a small amount of sugar of salt scrub into the hands and apply with medium pressure circular motion massage.  This single action is great for sloughing off dry and aged skin as well as increasing blood circulation to the skin’s surface (AKA cellular turn over).
  • Gently rinse off the sugar or salt scrub with tepid water and blot towel dry.
  • Repeat the same cellular turn over movements on the hands, arms and body.  Always remember the face, neck and decollete!
  • Apply a moisturizer that will provide ample moisture and conditioning as well as nourishment.  This layer of glistening bliss will be your skin’s first defense against air born free radicals.  While you may still have to prepare skin for extreme UV protection with a sunscreen, always be sure the skin is moist and has that first line of defense.
Why all the product application?  Preparing with these simple techniques and products will work cohesively to make skin healthy, lovely and receive sun evenly.
Post Sun Bliss.  Spent too much time in the sun?  Here are a few simple tips to make soothing skin a pleasant process!
  • Rinse skin with cool water post sun exposure and blot towel dry.
  • Apply an aloe based gel directly onto skin for soothing and to begin the healing process.
  • Allow aloe gel to work its way directly into skin.  Re-apply if needed.
  • Lightly mist skin with a hydrating mist to keep from drying.  Dry, sunburned skin is a disaster waiting to happen when not properly taken care of.
  • Re-apply mist as needed, whenever needed.
  • NEVER apply an exfoliant of any kind to sun burned skin.  This act will further irritate the situation.  Remember when applying post sun bliss, yes soothing no sloughing.
Natural ingredient skin care is within reach and can help to transition care woes into great experiences by treating and nourishing skin to a livable, more enjoyable condition.  Make pre and post sun care woes a thing of the past.  These simple steps can easily be meshed into any lifestyle and enjoyably!  Creating great care habits will keep one in good spirits and ready for more outdoor activity!
Have a beautiful day!

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