Eco-Chic Natural Bug Repellents: Mainely Cole’s Offers Solutions From Head To Toe

When one thinks of bug repellents?  Brilliantly colored spray-top bottles sporting large letters with the suggested promise of no more bother of bugs?  …or are you of the persuasion that there actually exists natural remedies to keep away the garden variety creepy-crawlies who make life uncomfortable with the mere mention of their presence?

When Mainely Cole’s was created, the first product was a bar soap to stave off the six-legged natural wonders that share habitat with campers and those who spend time outdoors.  Of course, there are many ingredients in our products that work to keep skin and scalp clear through outdoor activities.  Below is an ingredient guide that will introduce you to the natural ingredients in our products that keep bugs off!

Cedar Oil.  This natural wonder that comes from cedar trees offers a superior protective barrier between bugs and your skin!  Our Citrus Cedar Sage Bar Soap offers a simple solution to keeping skin clear!

Lavender.  Did you know lavender plays a key role in repelling mosquitoes?  Who would have known that the mild moisturizer used on skin for moisture and anti-aging took on a new identity of bug repellent!!!  Once applied to the skin, lavender immediately goes into effect, blocking the limited olfactory of mosquitoes.  Make no mistake, once lavender wears off, mosquitoes will return.  In addition to mosquitoes, lavender has also been known to keep fleas and moths away!  Our Kelsey’s Lavender Lotion, Lavender and Lavender & Lemongrass and Lavender & Oatmeal  bar soaps all offer super solutions for anyone seeking natural protection from bugs!

Lemongrass Oil.  Also know as verbena, lemongrass oil has been a go-to resource for bug repellent for many seeking sanctuary from the creepy crawlies.  This citrus oil when applied to the skin, sends bugs on the run with its pungent citronella-like fragrance.  Naturally, bugs find this offensive and bug off!  Our Lavender and Lemongrass Bar Soap gets the job done!  

Peppermint Oil.  One of nature’s most accessible concentrates is one of insect’s most dreaded repellents.  Both fleas and mosquitoes are on the run when peppermint oils is applied to skin.  Peppermint has also been known to keep ants away as well!  Our Gracie’s Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and Peppermint Tea Tree Bar Soap are wonderful resources for keeping the bugs far away.

Sage.  Sage has many wonderful attributes.  Among them is the ability to keep fleas away.  Try our Citrus Cedar Sage Bar Soap!!!  

Mainely Cole’s products were created in memory of my father after a conversation surrounding placing bug repellent on the skin versus natural and effective alternatives.  We hope you find this information as useful as we have!  Have a beautiful day…

Warmest from Maine…


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