The Beauty of Goat’s Milk

At Mainely Cole’s we believe in using the best possible products on your skin since it is such an important part of your body. That is why we are huge fans of goats milk soap! You might ask yourself why we are so passionate about goats milk soap, so I’m going to explain why for your reading pleasure.

A lot of the soaps that we buy from the big stores and drug stores are packed full of chemicals. Ingredients like alcohol and petroleum plague big name soaps making them dry out and irritate your skin. Homemade goats milk soap has little to no yucky chemicals and filler in it, making it not only healthier for your skin, but gentler as well. How many of you have sensitive skin and have gotten a rash or broken out from using a poor quality soap? They may cost less now, but you’ll end up paying for it in the long run.

For those of you with acne or sensitive skin goats milk soap contains milk proteins (obviously) that have been proven to kill acne causing bacteria. Since the pH of goats milk soap is fairly close to the pH level of your skin, it is milder and less likely to irritate your skin than other soaps. Goats milk itself is packed with vitamins, including A, E, C, some B vitamins and zinc to name a few.

Ever heard of Cleopatra? I sure hope so! Cleopatra used to bathe in goats milk because of the wonders it did for her skin! Since goats milk has natural creams in it, it keeps your skin moisturized which helps to delay signs of aging and wrinkles. For those of you that have skin conditions like eczema or who have sensitive skin can really benefit from using fresh goats milk soap since it is so nourishing and gentle.

Isn’t it exciting that one ingredient can do so much for your skin? Be aware though that some soaps are made with powdered goats milk and even though it is still better than most soaps, it has nothing on the power of fresh goats milk in your soap. Mixed with the other natural and yummy ingredients in Mainely Cole’s soaps, every time you lather up not only will you be in a scent-tastic paradise, but you will also be doing lasting good for your skin.

Our soaps that are made with fresh goats milk are Woodberry, Lavender & Lemon Grass, Lavender & Oatmeal and Silky Vanilla.

You only get one body, take care of it to make every day a beautiful day.


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