The Face of Mainely Cole’s: Heidi – Favorite’s Edition

Who is “Mainely Cole’s”? Or Shall we say Mainely Cole’s is Heidi and I think its about time we got to know the face behind the “Magic in Bars, Jars, and Bottles”.

Heidi on the water

I live in the Lake Region of Maine.

We’re going to play Q&A with Heidi:

Favorite Way To Wake Up: I hate alarm clocks so I wake up to Louis Armstrong It’s a Wonderful World.

Favorite Color:  Green?! Because my favorite coffee cup is green and so is Mainely Cole’s and Trees, I love trees!

In the Production Room with my Favorite Coffee Mug from Living Lime

This is me in my production room with my favorite coffee mug! Must have coffee before the day begins and Cribbage of course, never start a day without a game of Cribbage with Mr. Cole.

Favorite Flower: Peonies
Favorite Day of The Week: Monday! I like the fresh start of a new Week.
Favorite Meal: Today it’s Baked Haddock with extra lemon wedges on the side. Asparagus and 1/2 a Sweet Potato because that is what’s for dinner tonight!
Favorite Article of Clothing: My ripped comfy Tee’ Shirt I wear it all the time when I’m in my Production Room Love It! And don’t plan on throwing in the trash like my Sister tried to do on her last visit.
Favorite Activity: Cribbage with Mr. Cole! We play everyday before he goes off to work.
Favorite Music: The Oldies 60’s and 70’s.Favorite Show: They discontinued HOUSE! How could they? Now I watch reruns of Frasier every night at 11 *That is what time I usually get done for the day.

Favorite Beauty Tip: Right before exiting the shower turn the shower down approx 10 to 15 degrees (You don’t need to freeze) Stand under it for 10 seconds or so then exit the shower. Leaves a nice glow to skin. I always do this before a night out!

Fave Way to Unwind: If I had a long day and I’m really feeling the stress in my shoulders or have a headache I get my Lavender Bag (Yes I have my Lavender bag) and head to the shower.

After a very long day I always grab some Lavender, This night was a KELSEY'S night and my eyes were already starting to close.

After a very long day I always grab some Lavender, This night was a KELSEY’S night and my eyes were already starting to close.

Lavender bag? Yes, my lavender bag looks like my tee shirt but I love it, lol. Products contained in my bag Emma’s Lavender & Chamomile shampoo and conditioner Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender Soap Bar and in the Winter or when my skin is extra dry Sister’s Body Butter and Spring and Summer KELSEY’S Lavender Lotion.

Randoms: I like to snow shoe in my backyard, great trails. Wait is this going in the wrong direction? I think we’ll stop here Heidi 😉
Snow Shoe
Oh Life in  Maine! If you’d like to learn more about Heidi, leave your Q’s in the comments section below, we’ll be featuring some more Fantastic Friday Heidi Fun Facts soon!

6 thoughts on “The Face of Mainely Cole’s: Heidi – Favorite’s Edition

  1. I love learning more about your favorites. The pictures of you are GREAT! Always so nice to put a friendly face to a favorite product! Thanks for making these awesome products and sharing more about YOU!. Hugs of JOY!

  2. The more I learn, the more I love about you. It’s so much fun to learn more things about you, but I must confess that I know your heart and that says it all. I wish for you a life filled with love and laughter.xoxo

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