We’re A Small Family

5 Things You Should Know About Mainely Coles

There’s a 5 things you might not already know about Mainely Cole’s, “we’re like a small family”, we’re here for one another, we support one another, and strive to help one another reach and surpass our goals. Mainely Cole’s has 2 Independent Consultants, but don’t be confused or swayed by their titles, we communicate frequently and even though we don’t all live in Maine, we party together ALL THE TIME!

You see, it is because we’re family, it works, we’re happy, and I get to work with two of the most AMAZING women, that I’ve grown to love, adore, appreciate and respect, Dawn, who lives in Connecticut and Catherine who lives in Florida.

Dawn is so full of life and the Lord, she’s a stay at home-homeschooling mother, who became a Mainely Cole’s Independent Consultant when she volunteered to take the 3 Month Take It Off Challenge, once she tried the products, she was immediately taken, and our partnership and friendship was born.

Catherine is such a great woman, we met on twitter, I remember telling someone to “have a bright and beautiful day”, at which point she said she knew she wanted to be friends with me. From then on, she ordered a few products and well she’s probably got more stock in Mainely Cole’s than Mainely Cole’s does, but that just goes to show you just how much she believes in the products and the brand.

Remember I told you we party together all the time? That’s right, we do. We co-host online events on Facebook rather frequently. It’s not just to boost our customer base and make sales, but because we truly enjoy rewarding our customers. Our events feature fun trivia, prizes and giveaways just for placing an order during the event schedule.

Fighting Cancer Through FriendshipBut our events are not always about Mainely Cole’s, we’ve created a Facebook group called “Fight Cancer Through Friendship“, a group committed to support and uplift our friends with cancer, one battle at a time. We help our friends with cancer by sharing sales and promotions through Mainely Cole’s and other businesses within the group, who are committed to sharing a portion of the proceeds with our “friend” undergoing treatment. We do this so they can focus on fight and getting well and not so much on the financial burden. But it doesn’t necessarily end there, we strive to help provide and support in any way we can, but the bottom line is that we’ve gained lifetime friends.

Did you know that we’re not just online? Mainely Cole’s products can be found in local boutiques and shops around Maine too! Our products are available at Lisa Marie’s Made in Maine in Portland on the Water Front and in their Historic Bath location, the Firefly Boutique on Main St in Bridgton and at A New Leaf Salon and Day Spa in Hollis.


We’ve also got something new coming to Mainely Cole’s in the fall, any guesses as to what it could be? Leave your guesses in the comment section below for your chance to win these! Giveaway ends July 25, 2014, no purchase necessary.Sterling Silver Fish Hook Earrings

You see, we really are a something like a small family… With many wonderful friends.

What would you like to learn about Mainely Cole’s? Did you learn something new today? Leave us your questions in the comment section below, we love your feedback.



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    • I can’t wait An. I have been working for over a year to add more than Skin Care to my website. It just has to be perfect before I launch (Soon)
      Have a Beautiful Day!

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