Thankful at Mainely Cole’s

This month is the month of Thanksgiving, thankfulness, and yes, appreciation. We wanted to not only share our love of the Mainely Cole’s products, but highlight all the people who come together help Mainely Cole’s shine and grow, our Independent Consultants, and our friends. During the Month of November you will see our “family” being featured, sharing their events/happenings and what makes them thankful. We hope you’ll enjoy these features and feel free to share a little bit of what you and your family are thankful for this year.


Hi Im Heidi


Meet Heidi, she’s the driving force behind Mainely Cole’s. She’s the founder, the creator and the woman who makes all of the magic happen in the production room. An amazing woman with one THE most thoughtful, generous and kind spirits I have ever met, come to know and adore!

Heidi is Thankful for:

The Fight Cancer Through Friendship Group: “Our group and the people I have met with Amazing Strength and Faith when facing the battle of their Lives, they show so much Love and compassion for others.”

Incredible Friends: Catherine, Taylor, Kim and my Mr. Cole.  All who Love me and Support me for who I am. #Blessings in my life

Mainely Cole’s Page:  While, yes, I am thankful for Mainely Cole’s, I am as much thankful for the Mainely Cole’s Facebook Page, it is not just a business page, but a place where lasting friendships are being made. We can all come together to talk and share not just healthy skin, but every day happenings and events in their lives.

Heidi’s Events:

Fighting Cancer Through Friendship Holiday Bazaar







Fighting Cancer Through Friendship Holiday Bazaar

November 13, 2014 at 09:00 Eastern

“Holiday Shop for a Cause”
25% of All Sales Goes Directly to Our Friend Marie Walker Riddle
Amazing Craft People have come Together Offering some of their Best Work
Sterling Silver & Gemstone jewelry
Christmas Wreaths
Skin Care
Handmade Mittens and So Much More!

(Not affiliated with Facebook in any way.)

What are you giving thanks for this year?


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