Thankful with Meghan Houser

Meghan Houser was one of our first Independent Consultants. She’s been with Mainely Cole’s for 2+ years now, even though we met about 4 years ago. Meghan helped Mainely Cole’s establish the Independent Consultant Opportunities. Her time, her dedication, her commitment and her overall loyalty are all things for which we at Mainely Cole’s are thankful.

Meghan Houser

Meghan is Thankful for:

My Family

My School and Church Family



My customers and support system at Mainely Cole’s

 Meghan’s Events

Hello Beautiful





Well Hello Beautiful Glorious Skin with Elissa and Mainely Cole’s

November 14 at 8:00 PM EST

Help Elissa earn FREE and discounted product. Join us for a night full of friends, trivia, and prizes. When she receives $200 in sales, she will get 20% in free product and you will benefit as well! I will add a give-a-way for 1 lucky guest, We all like gift cards right? When we hit the $350 mark, I will add another give-a-way. When she hits the $500 mark, she will get 2 1/2 price items and a $50 Amazon gift card and 1 more give-a-ways for you will be added. Order now so we can see what the give-a-ways will be and to ensure you have a chance to win!!!  Check out the product at and than PM me your order; please send your email, shipping address, and Elissa name in your PM. This way I can make sure all orders will count to help Elissa reach her goal. There is one rule for this party; you must make a purchase in order to win any prize offered that night. ***All sales are final. Facebook is in no way related or liable for this party and give-a-ways.***

For what, for who, are you THANKFUL today, this year, and every single day?





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