Happy New Year

Happy New Year, 2014 was a good year, but we’re hoping to make 2015 amazing! We promised you a tall order of great things, and we’re here to deliver on our promised. After much contemplation, I finally accepted that I can’t do it all on my own. Though you may not know this, I’ve had someone moonlighting here on the blog for a while. You may recall me mentioning Rose in the past… Rose was one of our first participants in the “3 Month Take It Off Challenge“, since participating, we’ve grown closer and remained friends, and she has helped out Mainely Cole’s a lot.

Hello Rose

It was only fitting that we’d make it official and hire her on as our Social Media Manager. Rose is a stay at home mother, with 3 beautiful daughters, she owns her own blog Immutable Ramblings, she also manages a crafting group and produces content for The Brand Connection, so you can see she’s very busy. But we are so thankful to have her with us at Mainely Cole’s. Rose has also been instrumental in helping us roll out our next announcement, NEW PRODUCTS!

Mainely Coles New Products

Just last night, Rose put the finishing touches on photographing our new products and making them available on Mainelycoles.com and we couldn’t wait to share all of them with you!

We have our Have a Heart Candle Collection ($19 each, 100% Soy Wax), that was inspired by Delmar Pruitt, we met Delmar through our Mainely Cole’s Fighting Cancer Through Friendship Group. Unfortunately, in December 2014, Delmar lost the battle to Cancer, but before he passed, I promised that we’d create these candles in his honor, for every candle sold, $2 will be donating to fighting cancer. His daughter, Tori, design our logo, and we hope to roll out our new design soon, until then, the logo is featured on our photos. These candles come in 4 different scents, Pine, Sage and Citrus, Magnoilia, and Home Sweet Home.

Botanical Bath Salts these are amazing, they come in 3 scent varieties (Honey Oatmeal Milk with Chamomile, Rain, and Jasmine) and provide some amazing benefits when used  in the bath for $20 a bottle.

Custom Salt Blend also provides some amazing benefits when used for bathing, soaking and blending also at $20 a bottle, we recommend you pair this our Custom Created Salt Blend with our Essential Oil Blends for Maximal and customized results.

Essential Oil Blends come in 4 different varieties, Balance and Well Being, Detoxing the Soule, Mid-day Martini, and Vim and Vitality. Use these with our Custom Salt Blend or as a part of your own DIY beauty project. Either way, each blend with its own unique scent and purpose for $22 a bottle.

Natural Body Wash lathers and cleanses the skin while provided nourishment and hydration to the skin using natural organic ingredients such as lavender and chamomile to relax the body for $18.

Clarifying Facial Cleanser is a cleanser that lathers and exfoliates utilizing a jojoba-bead formula to prime skin for hydration. Great for reducing and minimizing acne, fine lines and aging spots, professional results at home, for just $36.

Our All Over Body Exfoliating Polish is a product that was previously created and offered exclusively to spas, but, because the results are just that awesome, we thought it would be great to make it available to everyone. Our Body Polish is made with Fresh Aloe and Bamboo, and was formulated to firm, smooth and soften skin from head to toe for $32.

Eco-Chi Soap Sample Bundles are a fun and beautiful way to sample our many different soap bars. Each bundles comes with a variety of 4 guest sized soaps, individually wrapped in Eco-friendly paper and natural raffia for just $6 a bundle.

Last, but not least, our Fresh Orange Peel Foaming Hand Soap, goes without saying that it has a beautiful natural scent that helps cleanse and soften the skin for $12.

We hope your as excited about our new products as we are and hope that you will welcome Rose into our Mainely Cole’s Family.

Natural Unscented Body Wash Giveaway

As a thankful you for your loyalty and a roll out of our new products, one lucky commenting reader will win a free bottle of our new Natural Body Wash! All you have to do is tell us which product your most excited about trying, why and welcome Rose to the Mainely Cole’s family for a chance to win! One Winner will be selected via Random.org and notified via Facebook (so please make sure you are following us on our fan page) so we can tag you. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook. Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or a new winner will be chosen. This contest will end on February 6th 2015! Good Luck and thank you for stopping by!





46 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Thanks Rose for all you do and welcome to the family!!!! I am excited to try the new All Over Body Exfoliating Polish because I love a spa experience:)

    • Hi Brandy! Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m excited to be here and Heidi is an Amazing woman to know and work with. The All Over Body Exfoliating Polish is one that I am most excited to try as well. Good Luck!

    • Sadly, I’ve never been to a spa, when I was first introduced to Mainely Cole’s, I felt honored and amazed by the all of the amazing products, while I’ve tried other products, I’ve never been more loyal to one brand all my life. Provides consistent results time and time again. Thank you and good luck to you Brandy.


  3. Welcome, Rose! Your beautiful skin makes you a perfect poster girl for Mainely Cole’s! It is wonderful you have joined Heidi and will be helping her grow her company even more. I am excited about all the new products and I have been fortunate in having already used some of them, and I love them! I am most excited about the Clarifying Facial Cleanser. I use it regularly and it is wonderful!

    • Ann Marie Jones, you make me blush! Mainely Cole’s has been loving on my skin for over a year now, I am so grateful to have met Heidi and all of the amazing people close to her. I’ve yet to try the Clarifying Facial Cleanser, but it is in my arsenal, so I’d better get to getting 🙂 Good Luck Ann Marie!

    • Well Ann Marie, you are truly making me blush! Mainely Cole’s has amazing products. I’ve been so blessed to have met Heidi and grateful that she took a chance on me during the 3 Month Take It Off Challenge, the products have made a major difference in my self-confidence and self-esteem. I’ve yet to use it, I will start this week and report back on the blog, thank you for such a warm welcome and tip about the cleanser.

  4. Welcome Rose! I’m very excited for you! I’m most excited for the facial cleanser and the hand soap! I’ve been wanting both of those since I discovered Mainley Coles about a year ago! Congrats Rose and Heidi!!

  5. Welcome Rose! I am most excited about the Clarifying Facial Cleanser I cant wait to try it. I struggle to find a face cleanser that does not irritate my skin.

  6. Rose, you are amazing! You are a perfect fit into the Mainely Cole’s Family! You are beautiful inside and out! You have done an amazing job with the photos, they look fantastic and oh so creative! I am so thankful for you, your friendship and that you introduced Delmar and I to Mainely Cole’s and the Fighting Cancer through Friendship group. This group and Heidi held a special place in our hearts and I will forever be grateful to you and Heidi for all that you have done for me and all that you did for Delmar. Although he lost his battle with Cancer, he put up one heck of a fight and you all helped him to do that! And to Heidi who is BEYOND amazing, THANK YOU for always being there for Delmar and thank you so much for allowing Tori to bring forth the vision you have for the labels on the candles that were inspired by her father. The words seem paltry, just not enough to express the gratitude we have for both you and Rose! 2015 and beyond is going to be amazing for Mainely Cole’s and for you too Rose Powell!

  7. There are so many great new products! I don’t know where to start. Perhaps with the Clarifying Facial Cleanser. I am looking for a new facial cleanser because I still haven’t found one that I truly love. Perhaps this will be the answer!

  8. i’m excited about the facial cleanser. i need something non-irritating that won’t leave my skin feeling tight, but will still cleanse it thoroughly.

    • This organic cleanser will do it. Just use finger tips and gentle cleanse letting the Jojoba beads do their job without irritating skin. Popular blend with those with problematic skin, eczema, acne, wrinkles.

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  10. I absolutely ♡ Mainely Coles soaps! It is my mission to eventually try everything Mainely Coles; so I’m most excited about the next “new” MC thing that I may happen to order!

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