Vegan Milk Baths and the Cleopatra Difference

Vegan Milk Baths and the Cleopatra Difference

Just one of the products we’re now making available on Amazon at Mainely Cole’s is our vegan milk bath! Our line of Luxury Vegan Milk Bath comes in two different scents with Lavender or White Tea & Ginger, and each promise an experience quite unlike any other when it comes to bath products. These milk baths aren’t quite what you may expect if you’re thinking bubbles, salts, or fizzies, and these are actually rinse-off products using formulas once touted by Cleopatra herself!

What do milk baths do, exactly? Well, they benefit the skin in many ways, just some of which are:

· Total moisture – As humans, we’re made up of around 60% water, and this means that moisture is sort of a really big deal for every one of us and our organs. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and keeping it moisturized is synonymous with keeping it healthy and keeping it comfortable. The milk portion of a milk bath is filled with certain fats and proteins that can help to hydrate as you soak, as well as long after you’ve stepped out of your tub.

· Calming properties – The same proteins that help to keep you moisturized also have the dual ability to calm redness and alleviate various skin concerns. If you’re plagued with sunburn, patches of red or angry eczema, or inflamed blemishes, the milk proteins can provide you with the soothing you need to keep everything under control.
· Cleanse – Along with proteins and fats, milk also has another benefit in lactic acid. Lactic acid can simultaneously smooth skin while cleansing from deep within the pore, and this allows those with sensitive skin or breakouts to cleanse and moisturize all at once in a natural and gentle way.

One of the biggest points of confusion regarding milk baths is the rinse off, as many think that if you’re rinsing the product off, how is it even working it at all? At Mainely Cole’s, we recommend soaking in our Luxury Vegan Milk Bath blends for around 10 minutes, then rinsing off promptly before making your final exit from the tub.

During the rinse off process, the clean water you use to rinse after your bath will actually further activate the milk’s benefits as it washes off any slippery residue. Post-rinse, your moisturized, soft, and glowing skin lightly scented with either Lavender or White Tea & Ginger will be all that’s left behind. A huge hit with brides during the spring and summer wedding seasons, this is one simple treatment that can do so much with only a simple soak and rinse!

Cleopatra is one historical figure that is well known to be one of the most irresistible women that’s ever lived, and the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt was particularly well known for her glowing skin and love of the milk bath. She wasn’t the only figure known to have an affinity towards the benefits of milk baths, as historical records show that they were also big favorites of Emperor Claudius of Rome’s wife, Valeria Messalina, as well as Paulina Bonaparte, sister to Napoleon, and King Francis I of France.

At Mainely Cole’s, we use artisan methods to combine modern knowledge with what has made the milk bath such a hit for more than 2,000 years, and the result is our Luxury Vegan Milk Bath collection. To really learn the milk bath difference, it may need to be tried to be believed, but this is an experience that anyone should be pleased to undertake!

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