The Benefits of Knowing the Artisan Difference

At Mainely Cole’s, we pride ourselves on representing the artisan difference, and this is a difference that can benefit your body in so many ways when you learn just what sets artisan body products apart from the alternative of mass-produced. Artisan products are those that are made using human hands skilled with years of experience; products that show you that each and every batch has been crafted by a person who has a love for the art.

When it comes to soaps, scrubs, shampoos, and moisturizers, these are products that have quite the history. For thousands of years, since the time of Babylon, humans have been perfecting their own formulas, recipes, and methods in creating ideal skin care, and today’s artisans are still using many of these ancient perfected techniques in their own methods today. What this means is that the artisan will look at crafting their products as a form of art, representing the passion they feel in the quality of what they produce, rather than as a way to simply maximize cheap ingredients into dollar signs.

Now that you know just what goes into an artisan product, it’s important to compare this to a mass-produced product and see just where this big difference comes from. Where an artisan soap or scrub will be made using handpicked ingredients and small batches, the mass-produced product is going to be created on a much larger scale. In today’s modern body care industry, your typical soap, body wash, or shampoo will be produced in massive and continuous batches, as this allows the factory in charge of production to continue creating, and continue selling, on a near constant basis.

While the artisan will be able to touch and tweak each batch to ensure a perfect product every time, the same personal attention isn’t going to be possible for the mass-produced option, and this can have some dire consequences for your skin. The lack of personal attention able to be placed into these products becomes evident when one considers the amount of recalls and errors found in mass-produced products of any type, and this certainly includes skincare. If a batch becomes compromised, it won’t be caught right away, and a faulty or dangerous chemical-laden product could potentially be sold to hundreds or thousands of customers before a brand can even catch on.

Along with differences in production, there are also big differences in ingredients as well. For a company mass-producing any type of body care product, the price of the ingredients will be kept as low as possible to ensure maximum profits. Various chemicals, which are less expensive than natural alternatives, along with fillers, colors, and fragrances are chosen for their price tag rather than their quality, whether they agree with the ancient art form of creating proper body care or not. While this may seem to be what’s best for your wallet at the time, it can cause big problems for your skin, and this is something that today’s artisans always take into consideration first and foremost when crafting any product. In the creation of skin care, skin should always come first, and continue to be the top priority through all points in production!

As artisans at Mainely Cole’s, you can rest assured that each small batch is one that is equal parts quality ingredients, knowledge and skill, and a passion for an ancient art. Always made by hand, and always created with your skin’s health in mind, seeing the artisan difference for yourself with our line is an experience that any person can enjoy!


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