Change is Good Announcement

Change is Good Announcement

11292865_10205517333285339_128751173_nMainely Cole’s products have made their debut in Organic Spa on three different occasions, Glady’s Magazine, and reviewed by such people as the Editors of We Woman’s Magazine. Our delicious and Natural products were featured on TVPBN Beauty Network. Mainely Cole’s has also been creating products and services for some High End Spa Owners in Maine. Lead Make-up Artist Tana Lynn chose our products to use on the cast of  Hallmark Channels Cedar Cove starring Andie MacDowell and again on the cast of Spookyville. So, it’s only natural that we ask ourselves, what’s next for Mainely Cole’s?

We’re here to tell you that, change is good. Sometimes in life, if you want to do more and achieve more, you’ve got to accept that Change is good and go with it.

As our products have become more popular, we’ve decided that we will now make them available to you and so many others on Amazon. Mainely Cole’s products will make their officially debut on Amazon on 5/16/2015 and as we embark on our new journey… We cordially invite each and every one of you to come and celebrate with us!


On Tuesday, May 19th, 8pm EST, we’ll be hosting a Twitter Party! Ask questions, win prizes and even get an exclusive discount code to be used on our products debuted on just for attending! But you can’t celebrate if you don’t tweet with us. Please, RSVP here with a comment, let us know your coming, tweet us your RSVP (I’m coming to the #MCChangeIsGood Twitter Party with @MainelyColes on 5/19/2015 at 8pm EST) and share our big announcement with all of your friends. Remember, Change is Good!




Mindy’s Spring Fling Facebook Party


Join Meghan Houser for Mindy’s Mainely Cole’s Spring Fling on April 26th at 3pm on Facebook {} for fun, deals and giveaways. #MMCSpringFling

Mindy’s Mainely Cole’s Spring Fling Details:

Mindy Ghaemaghamy-Harris is hosting a Spring Fling! Help us celebrate spring and make our skin look and feel new and fresh just like the air around us. This party is going to be full of fun and maybe even a few surprises. Join us for a great time with friends, shopping, trivia, prizes and giveaways! Please remember you must make a purchase to qualify for any giveaway or prize! You can browse at and then PM Meghan Houser with your order. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me! *The party, prizes and giveaways are in no way associated with Facebook**


KASSpringFling Facebook Party

Kimberly Andersons Spring Fling April 6 at 8pm

Join Mainely Cole’s and Elissa Boone TONIGHT, April 6th for the Kimberly Anderson Senior’s Spring Fling on Facebook at, for some fun, deals and giveaways!

Kimberly Anderson Senior’s Spring Fling Details:

Join Kimberly Anderson Senior during her Mainely Cole’s Spring Fling Party! It is time to shed those winter blues! When Spring arrives, flowers start blooming, leaves appear and rejuvenation starts occurring! What could be better than rejuvenating your skin, hair and body at the same time? Are you prepared to get yourself ready for the sun and warmer temperatures? Mainely Cole’s has the perfect all natural, organic and eco- chic beauty/hair care products to guide you along the way! Join Kimberly and myself for a great time with friends shopping, enjoying trivia, giveaways, deals and prizes! Please remember in order to qualify for any prize/giveaway you must place an order for the party. You can browse at and then PM me Elissa Boone, Mainely Cole’s Independent Consultant with your order. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me!
**This event is in no way associated with Facebook and is the sole responsibility of Elissa Boone Mainely Cole’s Independent Consultant**


Thank You for Your Contribution

Last year we told you a few things about Mainely Cole’s that your probably didn’t know. One of them was about our amazing, loving, and supporting Facebook Group Fighting Cancer Through Friendship. A place where we support our friends/family, and try our best to raise funds to help ease the stress even if it’s just a little bit. Today we’re hosting an Fighting Cancer Through Friendship Auction at 11am EST!

Fighting Cancer Through Friendship

We will be having our next auction to raise funds for our Mainely Cole’s Fight Cancer Through Friendship Group. All proceeds go to those battling cancer. Groceries, Co-pays for Meds, Gas Cards any immediate needs as well as final wishes. We will have Amazing items up for auction. ** This is in no way associated with face book and they have no responsibility or liability of auction items or giveaways”

We hope that you’ll be there to join us, rally others, and perhaps even bid a little. But as always, we couldn’t do what we do here at Mainely Cole’s without the help of others.  We would like thank all of you who have taken part in our journey in one way or another, but we’d like to make a special honorable mention to those who have made donations to support today’s Fighting Cancer Through Friendship Auction.

Please visit our Business Contributors, follow them on Social Media and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their Support!


Lee West Creations

Crafting For A Cause

One Tough Muther

Without everyone’s generous donations, we would not be able to do what we do.



Easter Eggtravaganza

Easter Eggtravaganza

Join us tonight, Wednesday, March 18th at 6pm CDT for an Easter Eggtravaganza with Mainely Cole’s.

Easter is right around the corner so let Mainely Cole’s help you look your best. Our products will have your skin looking and feeling great. We offer many products for every type of skin care need. Our products can be used every day. The best part about this party is that we will all win! There will be many different ways for you to win. I will be the hostess for this party so that means extra prizes for you. Prizes include but are not limited to: free product, jewelry, and even gift certificates. But be careful some may be zonks. Time for party is 7 Eastern / 6 central

In order to receive your eggs (prizes) you do need to make a purchase.

To order check out the website after you do this please PM me, Meghan Houser your order.

Orders must be sent this way in order to qualify for prizes.

Thank you for checking us out.

Facebook is in no way related to or liable for this event.



Himalayan Salt Products

You’ve heard about it, you’ve asked for it and we’ve finally got it. Introducing the newest products here at Mainely Cole’s without further adieu drum-roll please….

Himalayan Salt Products

Himalayan Salt Crystal Candle Holder

Himalayan Salt Crystal Candle Holder

Place a Tealight Candle in these un-altered, Natural Crystal Himalayan Rock Salt Candle holders and you will feel a hint-of-the-sea-aroma, which leads to the euphoric feeling one derives from being close to the sea and thus transforms its surroundings into a wellness bouquet. These Candle holders are a handcrafted work of art that produces a warm, ambient environment and provides a Natural Shield of Protection for you and your family. By Creating negative ions in the air which can reduce indoor air pollution, allergens and improves mood & sleep, and reduces stress.

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

Our “medium” Himalayan Salt lamps will add ambiance to your living space, whether it’s a dining room, living room, medium size bedroom or studio. With our special pricing, you can purchase multiple lamps to create a natural environment throughout the room – especially important in those areas that contain many electronic components.

Rock Salt and Natural Crystal Salt are not the same. What is the difference between Rock Salt and Natural Crystal Salt? When the sun caused the water evaporation of the Primal Sea, salt began to settle on the ground in layers and other sediments, such as calcium, potassium and gypsum, began to mix with sodium chloride—more commonly known as salt. Today, much of that salt is mined and used for a wide variety of purposes, including the making of salt lamps. However, not all salt is the same. The salt that is mined from the topmost layers of the Himalayan Mountain Range is mere Rock Salt, which contains all of the impurities cited above and is therefore sold cheap. A salt lamp made from this inferior product is little more than a knickknack, a far cry from the natural Himalayan salt lamps that we offer at Mainely Cole’s.

Remember all of our high quality Himalayan Salt Lamps come complete with a rosewood base, stainless steel screws, UL listed cord with On / Off toggle switch, and box! Height: 6 – 8 in. Weight: 9 – 11 lbs. Protection: 120 sq. ft.

Himalayan Salt Aromatherapy Lamp

Himalayan Salt Aromatherapy Lamp

Double the benefit of your salt lamp with our small aromatherapy lamp. Just place your favorite essential oil into the small receptacle at the top of the lamp, and enjoy the essence as it is heated from the warmth of the bulb! Massage therapists especially love this one.

Remember, all our high quality Himalayan Salt lamps come complete with a rosewood base, stainless steel screws, UL listed cord with On / Off toggle switch, bulb. Height: 6 – 7 in. Weight: 6 – 8lbs. Protection: 100 sq. ft.

Please note that the Himalayan Salt Products listed above are newly listed and available for purchase at


NEW Spring Product

You heard me, we’ve added NEW products to our Have a Heart Candle Collection line for the Spring. Introducing:

New Spring Scents

Springtastic Lavender and Lilac!

“Candles with vision and purpose to give from the heart”



17 oz Candles Approx 6.25″ tall and 3.5″ in diameter.

One Lead Free Cotton Wick- Burn Time approx 90-100 hours

The Mainely Cole’s Have a Heart Collection Candles were created in honor and memory of Delmar Pruitt, age 51. Delmar lost the battle to Cancer in December 2014. Before Delmar passed I told Delmar, Mainely Cole’s would create a Have a Heart Candle Collection, donating $2 of every Candle to fighting Cancer.

Delmar will forever be in our hearts.

***Our Have a Heart Candle Labels-Were Created and Designed By Delmar’s Daughter Tori ***.

Each candle is hand-made using 100% soy wax for a Clean and even burn.


Plus, in celebration of ME becoming a first time Grandma to the most adorable little baby boy named Aiden whom I just love and adore SO MUCH! Heidi is offering a 21% discount code: grandmarose

Why 21% you ask? Because that’s how old Heidi believes I look, wow, what a compliment. So in honor and celebration of my grandson and my new age (hee hee) please go forth, be happy and enjoy 21% off!

What’s on your Mainely Cole’s Shopping List? Share with us in the comment section below.